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Project Description
SharePoint Content Generator allows you to quickly and easily generate "random" content for SharePoint 2010. The goal of this project is to create content generators for all types of content that can be used within SharePoint.

Need to generate content for your SharePoint development? Want to play with Pivot Viewer but don't have anything to point it at? Well here's your solution. SharePoint Content Generator allows you to generate "random" content, quickly. Fill in some details, specify the type of content you want and BAM! (insert appropriate microsoft time lapse here)

Current State
Changeset 14 contains the original console app which generates Word Document Libraries.
Changeset 100 contains the first cut of a rework which includes content generation for Picture Libraries, as well as a lot of rework with the structure. This is still not stable.

The word document contents are currently generated using the RAND() word macro which, although is cool and gets some content into each doc, isn't really random as it repeats sections.

The pictures are downloaded using the Flickr service and allows the user to input a csv list of "random" terms that are used to filter Flickr on.

Future Plans
The intent is to make multiple projects, all utilising the core code-base, so that not only can we practice other technologies but horses-for-courses. First we want to create a SharePoint solution so that you can use it within SharePoint itself. (whether this would be overly useful or not???) using Silverlight. Also, we would like to work on the "random-ness" of the content being generated. Using better random words and pictures. We would love to be able to somehow generate a list of random words (windows dictionary???) in which to then use in the filter for Flickr. Also, doing some more work in the area of random content for each document. Having a more random set of words in the documents will help for search indexing etc. Maybe even adding some functionality to insert specific words/phrases - again to help searching.

Some of the technologies we are interested in applying are:

  • Prism for the Silverlight client.
  • MEF for managing different types of content.

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